El Dorado Festival is held at the Eastnor Deer Park, Ledbury, Herefordshire. The land is woodland, farm land, lakes and some uneven ground, though the area between the accessible campsite, the arena and the general admission campsite is mostly flat without having to travel over hills.      

There is a gravelly tarmac road running up to the Main Arena within the BOH area we try to keep this clear for production but if it is required for use by any patrons, please do let us know when you arrive. The Main Arena has a number of small hills inside its perimeter.

The Accessible campsite will be accessed by ‘Blue Gate’ if arriving by car which is designated on yellow AA signage en route to the festival. If arriving by taxi drop off or shuttle, arrival will be to Yellow Gate. The Yellow Gate is around a 15 minute walk to the Blue Gate for accreditation, however upon arrival if you need support to get to Blue Gate, you can ask the traffic stewards and security at Yellow Gate who will be able to get a transfer for you via Buggy to get to Blue Gate. If you arrive to Blue Gate in a vehicle, you will collect your wristbands from the cabin at Blue Gate and then be able to drive down to the Accessible Campsite.

The Accessible Car Park is located right next to the Accessible campsite separated by some heras fencing. The ground leading from the accessible car park and campsite to the Main Arena entrance consists of gravel road and grass. The distance is approximately 350 metres. The Main Arena is 300 metres from the main gate to the furthest perimeter edge. The car park will open from 12:00PM on Thursday 6th July to all weekend ticket holders, campsites will also open at this time.

Please note: The weather conditions can dramatically affect the ground conditions, so wherever possible please try to consider what preparations you may need to make and equipment you may need to bring along and please let us know if we can do anything to support with this.

Bookable Access Facilities

The following access facilities need to be pre-booked using the Access. Requirement form. This form and the required evidence must be sent to us once you have purchased a ticket.   

2 for 1 Tickets for Personal Assistants

We provide a 2:1 ticket scheme for individuals who would be unable to attend our events without bringing a personal assistant. Once you have bought a full price ticket, please fill in the access requirement form and provide us with a form of evidence as listed on the form to receive your personal assistant ticket.

Accessible Camping Wristband

On arrival to Blue Gate, there will be an Access Information Point where customers can collect further information on access within the festival site. It is also here that additional wristbands can be collected. This wristband will allow access to to special viewing areas at various stages as well as the accessible campsite and facilities. The accessible campsite will be cordoned off from other areas. There will be a number of accessible toilets within the campsite. Accessible Showers are also available in the accessible campsite.

Facilities we provide in the accessibility campsite

  • Accessible showers and toilets 
  • Fresh water points 
  • Waste disposal point 
  • Please note: This campsite is available to customers who are unable to camp in the standard campsites or who need access to specialist facilities we provide.

Accessible Toilets

There will be a number of accessible toilets located on the festival site within the campsite and Main Arena. These will be identified on a map given to you at the Blue Gate when you arrive.

Other information related to the site

Live-In Vehicles

We have a limited number of accessible live-in vehicle pitches available. After you have submitted the accessibility application form (you will be sent a link to purchase one of these. In addition, we have a general admission live-in vehicle camping are located approximately 100 metres from the Accessible Campsite which can also be used. These have now sold out.

Strobe Lighting

There will be general warning signs around the Main Arena if strobe lighting will be used. Due to the nature of the artists it is likely that strobe lighting will be used throughout the performances. There will not be a warning immediately before a period of strobe lighting.                                                      

Medical Services

There will be a First Aid tent located in the Main Arena that will be visible within the Main Arena. There will also be Medics and First Aiders on patrol around the event. You will be able to store medication with the medical team if refrigeration is needed. Please let us know in advance if you will be wishing to store medication here. If you require more information, please get in touch.

British Sign Language

We currently do not have this onsite, if this is something you would be interested in please do get in touch and let us know.

Additional information

Please note that the site layout is subject to change, please don’t hesitate to ask any of the staff you encounter on arrival any questions you may have, they will be happy to help or find out answers for you if they don’t have them all then and there.

For any further information on accessibility at El Dorado Festival, please contact:

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