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Cirque du Soul - Friday

A life-long music selector renowned for her energetic DJ sets and impeccable track selection, Ama is part of the new wave of talent driving forward today’s drum and bass scene. If you’ve got your ear to the ground in D&B then Amanda Anaman, AKA Ama, is a name you’ll be all too familiar with. Whether it’s her ability to work a crowd, or that infectious beaming smile, Ama has been consistently turning heads in the scene – especially since lockdown. Live streams for Heavy Sonics, Ram Records and Shogun Audio, combined with guest mixes for House of Hi-Fi, Hospital Records’ Degs Cast and Rinse FM, have helped the Bournemouth-based artist to become a name gaining rapid momentum. But her reputation as a music selector stems back much further. From international bookings as far as South Africa and the US, to DJ sets at Outlook, Boomtown and Red Bull’s Open House, Ama has spent years gaining global recognition for her ability behind the decks. An ability characterised by a love of quick mixing and the drive to take crowds on a journey with an unexpected selection of tracks including dancefloor classics, soulful rollers, amens and heavy basslines. This versatility is one of the reasons why DJ Flight included Ama in her 2019 Black History Month series highlighting reputable black women in dance music – a true honour for an artist who began her D&B journey in 2011 DJing vinyl with a burning passion for the culture. Inspired by pioneers such as Andy C, Randall, Calibre and Break, you can guarantee Ama’s mixes will ooze influence from the best. It has taken a long time for Ama to get to a stage where she is receiving plaudits for her craft, but now the future is looking bright for a prospect who still has so much more to offer the D&B scene in the form of her own music production – something she has been keeping under wraps. Just like her ever-changing DJ sets, Ama’s production promises to see the artist evolve with new sounds and fresh ambitions. There’s a lot of uncertainty surrounding the future right now, but rest assured Ama will be an integral part of the drum and bass scene in years to come.

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