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Mount Boom - Sunday

MC-ing at the top of the chain for more than 20 years has taken GQ to all the corners of the globe, seen him achieve chart success and in 1999 an opportunity to establish his very own record label. ‘Emcee Recordings’ became reality that has since spawned many of todays top hitters in the music industry such as Breakage, Jubei & SP: MC, Clipz now known as Redlight also Sabre who now records as IvyLab and many others. With a wealth of new artists on board Emcee recordings continues to find new talent across the globe and at home in the UK. GQ has always been a DJ’s MC, seeing his role as a middle man between the DJ and the crowd rather than constantly demanding centre stage. GQ’s lyrical style and delivery has influenced many of todays drum and bass Mc’s. His versatility is such that he has always been able to switch up to double time and tear down a big festival, or keep the crowd bubbling in a smaller intimate venue. ‘It’s all about reading the crowd, and adapting your style.” Music has been a big part of GQ’s life for as long as he can remember: whether he was listening to his fathers records or tagging along with his brothers soul & funk system, GQ has always been surrounded by music and always keen to be part of it. At school Mc Duce aka GQ and friend Det (MC) would freestyle along to hiphop beats banged out on their school desks: but it was watching his neighbour DJ Ron Jungle don on the TNT system who was playing HipHop, Soul & RnB and Rare grooves that influenced him to pick up the mic and it was with his good friend and garage legend DJ Spoony started a sound system called Tom & Jerry in the mid 80’s which helped him to find his own unique sound. These were the solid foundations on which his career was built. It’s important to note that GQ had been in the music game for close to five years before jungle let alone drum&bass came about. GQ’s involvement in music turned professional once good friend and class mate Julie Braithwaite introduced him to Acid House in the late 80’s. Tunes like Joey Beltram’s ‘Acid Thunder’ and ‘Big Fun’ got under his skin and over the next two years GQ began to organise a whole host of parties across London, This would lead to GQ starting his first residency DJ-ing and MC-ing and at the legendary raves at Croland Road, then down to KiKi’s in Margate, and back to Clapham Common and Skitzophrenia at Ilford Palais. Every Weekend were a string of parties going thru from Friday till Sunday night, rolling with thelikes of Frankie Valentine, Rat Pack, Grooverider, Mathew B, Richie Fingers, Frankie Bones, and Tony Trax to mention just a few. Club AWOL was a seminal club in establishing jungle music, it was here that GQ secured a residency at the top of the MC world. GQ would host the whole night and all of the legendary 14 hour events, Representing alongside DJs such as Mickey Finn, Darren Jay, Randall, Dr S Gachet, Kenny Ken, Fabio, Frost, Grooverider week in week out and with the event tapes being sold all over the place the buzz started to build and pandemonium soon followed with big events like World Dance that took drum and bass to new heights. This approach has meant that Mc GQ has been able to work with every top DJ over the years and at a mix of events around the globe ranging from massive festivals to small intimate events. GQ’s ability and consistency to work with every topflight DJ has kept him at the top of the MC ranks for 20 years and has made him partner to pretty much all of the top flight DJs in the world of Jungle & DnB…

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