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Millie Cotton

Millie Cotton

Mount Boom - Saturday

Millie Cotton wants to bring people together. The in-demand DJ and creator of the inclusive podcast Women in Music never fails to evoke memorable feelings with her unique blend of feel-good house music. Dripping with summer bangers and piano house tracks, Millie gives depth and freshness to each hypnotic performance.

Growing up, Millie’s childhood was soundtracked by her mum’s eclectic taste in 90s dance music, UK garage and Kisstory. These journeys are a fond first memory of dance music. Fast- forward to the present and Millie is influenced by a wide range of styles and never shy to experiment with music genres. When she eventually moved to London, Millie evenings were
spent at the city’s vast range of club nights. These dance floors were her education in electronic music.

Millie’s interest in carving out a long-lasting DJ career is also focused on nourishing its ecosystem and taking on a ‘pay-it-forward’ attitude with her podcast Women in Music, which elevates female voices in the music industry by sharing acknowledged women’s stories.

For 2022, Millie’s ease to keep a party going will have her touring with platinum-selling artist and songwriter Karen Harding across the UK and Ibiza, followed by a packed summer of appearances at clubs and festivals in the UK including Creamfields main stage, Leeds Festival, El Dorado and Latitude.

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