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Once Twice

Once Twice

Mount Boom - Friday

T.W.I.C.E. originates in a collaboration between V.Rotz and Photoclick aka Antikom, both of them born at Flumo Netlabel. Photoclick has developed his work within the most ambient and experimental side of the electronic music. For his part, V.Rotz has always focused his works in dance floors. The balance they reach with the join of their styles gives as a result a sound that could be defined as Deep techno, with hints of Dub and House. Actually they are an essential part of the Flumo Recordings engine, and their music is appearing in such as great labels as My Favourite Robot, Fiakun, Nordik and of course Flumo. Their tunes have been frequently charted by people like Tim Green, Roberto Rodríguez, Varoslav, Baby G or Martin Landsky among others… and reviewed in Magazines like De_Bug, or Ibiza Voice... Their sets has gone through countries like Spain, Portugal, UK, Sweden or Germany, confirming their good work in the cabin where they combining styles like Deep House, Disco, Techno....being able to connect with the crowd quickly...

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