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Willow Kayne

Willow Kayne

Over the space of just three singles, London-based, Bristol-born artist Willow Kayne has turbocharged the landscape of pop music within the UK. Her debut single Two Seater' was a perfect introduction; a rabble-rousing ode to living life on your own terms that has been included on the soundtrack to FIFA 22, while her follow up ‘I Don't Wanna Know' was a break-infused middle finger to online trolls that takes cues from her love of rave culture. This then led to 'Opinion', an audio suckerpunch that was inspired by the unfuckwithable rebel-pop of 00s icons such as Santigold and M.l.A and currently soundtracks 'FLANNELS' TV and online Christmas campaign.

Her high octane, postmodern touch on pop has already earned critical acclaim with her winning the Ivor Novello Rising Star award for 2021 and being mentored by the legendary Nile Rodgers in the process. Today, Willow Kayne compounds the rapture of excitement around her with the announcement of her highly anticipated debut EP, Playground Antics.

To be released on 1st February 2022, Playground Antics is a six-track defibrillator to the landscape of pop music through Willow's own trailblazing scope. Splicing the contemporary sound of the genre with rap, rave, punk and so much more, the project deals with the artist coming of age, thrust into a brand new life with her now signature irresistible tenacity.

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