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Yung Singh

Yung Singh

Cirque Du Soul · Friday

Combine DJ Mag’s ‘one to watch’ status with the most talked about mix in the UK’s Garage revival and you have a breakout 2021 for Yung Singh. An ode to a pivotal underground scene past and present, his Punjabi Garage mix for Shuffle ‘N’ Swing may have put him on the map, but pigeonhole Yung Singh at your peril. 

This DJ’s sound is firmly rooted in UK soundsystem culture. Early influences growing up around Hip-Hop, Jungle and Punjabi sounds passed down by his siblings were later developed by the Garage & Grime scene at University whilst clubbing and learning to mix. Within a year, he found himself on the other side of the decks earning his stripes in the booths of seminal London venues Corsica Studios, Fabric and XOYO.

As a core crew member of the leading Asian underground crew Daytimers, he’s at the forefront of a thriving new scene for the South Asian Diaspora - raising awareness of this grassroots community and its history within British dance music is central to him as an artist. Leading by example, he strives to counter racism and cultural erasure and is not afraid to challenge the corners he disagrees with. It’s these morals ingrained from within that come through as a voice for positive change in both dance music as a rising DJ, and in wider society as a trainee Doctor.

Using radio as a means to showcase both versatility and taste, no mix of Yung Singh’s is the same. His 2020 archive provides but a snapshot of his true style and identity, many of his guest mixes showcasing one vibe to the next. More recently, his output on Rinse FM blends this broad range of styles with home listening at higher tempos and heritage, something which is set to continue throughout his new show.

With the rebirth of nightlife pending, Yung Singh is a DJ at the forefront of the push for cultural change. Find yourself on the opposite side of the decks to Yung Singh and you can expect a barrage of bassweight energy from across the hardcore continuum, regardless of bpm, genre or space.

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