Food & Dining

At El Dorado we pride ourselves on being able to offer festival goers a huge array of hand picked, delicious World Street Food with Vegan, Vegetarian, Fruitarian and Gluten Free options.

Only Jerkin'

Only Jerkin' is dedicated to celebrating the spirit of the Caribbean through lip-smacking flavours, music and all round experience.

All of our chicken is marinaded for 48 hours to ensure it’s super tender and tasty. Our chicken is then triple dipped in seasoned flour and our signature batters; ginger beer or cream soda. Once fried expect some serious flavour and crunch! If that wasn’t enough we have a selection of homemade sauces including our famous jerk gravy… plus jerk seasoned skin on fries and creamy slaw!

Burger Theory

Burger Theory specialises in creative burger recipes made from locally sourced ingredients.

We believe that cooking with fresh produce and cooking from scratch is the way to delicious food that provides a unique experience which is why we make all our own sauces, pickles and patties.

Our aim is to innovate burger cuisine and bring happiness to the world through the medium of burgers and I think we are pretty good at doing that!


Serving up the best gyoza and Japanese street food this side of Tokyo. We believe street food can be healthy as well as delicious and mix traditional Japanese recipes with our own personal influences in order to create dishes that are colourful, vibrant, tasty and good for you.

Made Of Dough

Late 2014 we set out to make pizza and have a laugh. We took our travelling pizzeria to Broadway market, sold some pizza (burnt a lot) and got hooked on achieving pizza perfection. Since then we’ve won multiple awards for our pizza and opened a couple of pizzerias. We chase the perfect pizza by using the best produce we can find, cooking it fast by flame & pairing it with good times.

Club Mexicana

100% VEGAN 100% BANGIN'

Tacos, nachos, you've never seen before! Topped off with the absolute best vibes.

Chock Shop

Like all the greatest creations, Chock Shop is a simple idea carried out with a lot of love.

The company began when founder, Greg Shearman, poured his passion for baking into creating the very best brownies he could. He didn’t just scour delicatessens to source the finest ingredients, Greg made sure these brownies were seriously fresh – handmade, hand-cut and hand decorated.

Customers couldn’t get enough, and soon Chock Shop’s famous artisan brownies were causing queues at festivals and markets up and down the country.

The Duck Truck

JOIN US FOR SOMETHING DUCKIN’ DELICIOUS! If you don't like duck you're out of luck...


Paellaria is a Valencian Paella stall with a retro feel, a celebration of the ‘Brit’s Abroad’ Iberian holiday of yesteryear. Full of Spanish polka dot fabrics, hand-painted signs and vintage holiday memorabilia, we’ve embraced the flamenco dolls, the castanets and the kitsch keepsake tea towels which make Paellaria so unique. 

Morning Glory Breakfast

Breakfast of champions served from a pastel green trailer adorned with hand painted signage, disco balls and flowers, set to an amazing soundtrack of singalong tunes.

Eat vegan? We've got you covered with the best vegan sausages in the world, tons of avo, epic plant based burritos and Oatly milk as standard.

Look for the bacon sign and we'll do the rest...

Tea & Toast

Tea and Toast has been a constant party of marmite and peanut butter toast through the years keeping the world warm and sane with hot tea, protecting party revellers from dawn to dusk.

The Grub Shed

We’re a Hereford based business that prides itself on producing Street Food. The potatoes for our loaded fries are grown in the UK, cooked in 100% rapeseed oil and dusted with a homemade seasoning.

Groovy Smoothies

At Groovy Smoothies we believe in the simple pleasures of life: sunshine-filled days, dancing the night away, and the pure and natural power of fresh fruit. That's why we offer delicious no-nonsense refreshment - with our meal-in-a-cup breakfast smoothies, freshly squeezed fruit and veg juices, wholesome smoothies & creamy yogurt lassis; we’ve got your daily dose of goodness covered.

It’s fresh, it’s fruity, and it’s definitely groovy.

Bangwok Pad Thai

Bringing the buzz, freshness and flavour of Bangkok’s street food scene to El Dorado and beyond.

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