The beauty of El Dorado doesn’t come just from its perfect surroundings, but also from the energy emanating from its wanderers. The community that materialises like gold dust in this valley is incomparable to anything you’ve seen in normal life. That is the magic of El Dorado (And that is what keeps them coming back...).

All who enter the Kingdom know of this feeling; it is instinctual and inescapable. But if we were to try and bottle the formula for others to understand, perhaps it would look something like this...


No one is a stranger. You have all found El Dorado, why not share it? Suspend yourself from awkwardness, self-consciousness and fear. As smoke sweeps across your feet on the dance floor, and the sun peaks through the gaps in the leafy canopy above you, share the moment with your neighbour. Respect your new family - and watch out for each other. Sometimes even the most experienced explorers can get a little carried away.


All identities are to be embraced and loved. The Kingdom welcomes every gender, sexuality, religion and ethnicity. We’ve no time or place for judgement and hate. All who attend help create the dream. Your identity is neighbour, pleasure-seeker, shapeshifter.


El Dorado is built on beauty. Nature’s own balance is our guide, and we respect it as if our master. Litter must be recycled, tents taken home and campsites kept clean. Single-use plastic is forbidden. Leave nothing but your soul in the Kingdom, for it has given you everything.


Dance, dance, dance! You do plenty of thinking already - now it’s time to forget your head and tune back into your body. The mysterious music-makers who appear on the stages across El Dorado’s leafy lands will deliver only the best sounds to make you move and make you sing. They live to serve your feet and your voice box; give them these, and you will be given the world in return.


Forget everything you think you know about cool. The Kingdom doesn’t care. Chic, vintage, artsy, normcore, grunge, are all but a name. The Kingdom is not of any time or place, of any trend or season. Embrace your inner fashion. Express what you need to express. That is the perfect outfit.


We’re here to party, to love, and to forget the noise. Soak up the sun, breathe in the fresh air, and release yourself. We’ll take it from there. You’re in good hands at El Dorado.