Get ready to discover the lost city of El Dorado...

A fully immersive boutique festival experience set in the heart of the beautiful British countryside where a world of wonderment is waiting to be discovered...

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El Dorado 2022 Aftermovie

​​​​​"A gem in the British festival crown"

Rewind That Track

"The Best Festival in a long time! Superb in every way"


"The new spot for summer escapism"

Bespoke Magazine

"The UK's best kept secret music festival"

Vanity Fair

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Starting from £255 p/p and available on payment plans for an initial deposit of only £40.

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El Dorado is an enchanting boutique
festival set in the heart of Eastnor
Castle Deer Park in Herefordshire.

Taking place annually on the second weekend of July, this magical weekender is any party goers utopia, with 12,000 people descending into the beautiful valley for 4 days of unadulterated fun.

As well as consistently delivering a diverse and eclectic programme of established and emerging live and electronic artists, EI Dorado also offers a wide range of activities and entertainment to indulge in throughout the weekend, including: immersive stages and production featuring hundreds of performers and actors, a host of delicious, world class street food and restaurants, a hair salon and pamper stations, secret stages, cabaret, wellness and hot tubs, talks and comedy.

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