Pre-Arrival Information

We can’t wait to welcome you to this summer’s edition of El Dorado Festival! Please take a few minutes to read through the important information below before you leave home and join us for another, magical weekend.

Set Times & App

For the first time the El Dorado set times and site map can be found exclusively on our new app. As soon as this becomes available for download we will notify all ticket holders.


El Dorado is a completely cashless festival site. All purchases made for drinks, food and other trader items will need to be made via contactless or chip and pin payment methods.

Unlike in previous years we will NOT be using contactless RFID wristbands. So there is no need to purchase a food and drink voucher in advance or to top up your wristband over the weekend.

Fancy Dress Themes

As per our Golden Rules, we strongly encourage you to embrace your inner fashion, and express yourself fully in who you are and what you wear. This summer’s fancy dress themes are no exception, so don your rhinestone studded cowboy hats and, don’t forget, on Sundays we wear gold.

Saturday Theme: SPACE COWBOY

Sunday Theme: GOLD



*The campsite will close at midday on Monday 10th July

Thurs 6th July

Car Park Opens – 12:00

Entry Gates Open – 12:00

Main Arena Opens – 17:00

Last Entry To Festival - 23:00

Bars Close – 00:00

Main Arena Closes – 00:00

Fri 7th July

Car Park Opens – 09:00

Entry Gates Open – 10:00

Main Arena Opens – 10:00

Last Entry To Festival - 23:00

Bars Close – 03:30

Main Arena Closes – 04:00

Sat 8th July

Car Park Opens – 09:00

Entry Gates Open – 10:00

Main Arena Opens – 10:00

Last Entry To Festival - 20:00

Bars Close – 03:30

Main Arena Closes – 04:00

Sun 9th July

Car Park Opens – 09:00

Entry Gates Opens – 10:00

Main Arena Opens – 10:00

Last Entry To Festival - 20:00

Bars Close – 02:30

Main Arena Closes – 03:00

Tickets & Accreditation

All barcoded e-tickets will be dispatched and emailed to you directly 7 days prior to the festival. If you are having issues in locating your ticket please check your spam first and failing that please contact the ticket provider you purchased your ticket from directly.

Please ensure you have your barcoded ticket and relevant passes ready for scanning BEFORE you leave for the festival. If you are going to display your ticket on your smartphone please ensure the ticket is downloaded as the internet coverage can be poor for some networks. 

Please do the same for all your other relevant passes for travel, boutique camping, Blue Tit salon, hot tub sessions and Cafe Route restaurant bookings.



There are three different points of entry at El Dorado, please make sure you read the below information correctly so that you head to the correct entrance gate.

The Postcode to follow for RED GATE is: HR8 1EQ

The Postcode to follow for BLUE GATE is: HR8 1RL

The Postcode to follow for YELLOW GATE is: HR8 1RA

Once you are close to the festival and start to see road signs for your gate please follow these instead of any Sat Nav directions.

Day Ticket Holders

All day ticket holders (Saturday or Sunday) must head to YELLOW GATE no matter what your mode of transport is. This only applies to day ticket holders, all other ticket types please refer to the information below.


The below instructions apply to all weekend ticket purchases and guests including boutique camping.


If you need to park your car you are required to purchase your car parking pass in advance for £30 per vehicle (on sale until midnight on Wednesday 5th July).

You will be able to pay for a pass on the day across the weekend, these will be sold at a higher price than online. We very much encourage you to book in advance.

All those who are parking at the festival (unless specifically told otherwise) must head to RED GATE.

By Car - Drop Off

For all those being dropped off at the festival by car or taxi please head to YELLOW GATE.

By Train - Shuttle Bus

If you are traveling to the festival by train, our shuttle bus service runs from outside GREAT MALVERN TRAIN STATION directly to the festival. Please ensure you check the train timetable before you arrive for your outbound and return journey in case of any disrupted services.

The shuttle service from operating times are as follows:

  • Thursday 6th July: 11:00 - 21:00
  • Friday 7th July: 11:00 - 21:00 
  • Saturday 8th July: No Service
  • Sunday 9th July: 11:00 - 16:00
  • Monday 10th July: 09:00 - 15:00 

The shuttle bus will drop all passengers off at YELLOW GATE. Return tickets cost £15 in advance and can be purchased below or on the day at a higher price.

Please note, there is NO SHUTTLE SERVICE from MALVERN LINK or LEDBURY train stations. The nearest train station to the festival site is Ledbury. It is possible to get a taxi from the station to the festival although we strongly advise you to pre-book as there is no Uber in the area and a very limited number of taxi services.

By Live-In Vehicle

You will need to purchase a pass for your vehicle (max 4 occupants) in advance. It will not be possible to purchase a pass during the festival weekend or stay overnight in the normal car park. Each occupant in the car, including the driver must also have a weekend camping ticket in order to enter the festival. These will sell out in advance. Please book now to avoid missing out.

Live-In vehicles must head to BLUE GATE.

By Coach

Big Green Coach will drop you at the YELLOW GATE on either Thursday or Friday morning and will pick you up on Monday morning from the same gate to take you home. For further instructions please see your booking information from Big Green Coach, any questions or queries please contact directly:

Final coach passes are still available from Bath, Birmingham, Bristol, Crawley, Leeds, London Manchester and Reading.

Boutique Camping

If you are staying with us in Boutique Camping please take a few minutes to also read our pre-arrival information specific to Boutique below.


Admittance Policy

El Dorado Festival is an 18+ event that operates a Challenge 25 policy. You will be asked to provide evidence of your age with a valid photographic ID.

We accept:

  • A Passport (not photocopy)
  • A UK Driving Licence
  • A Proof of Age Card bearing a PASS hologram

There is strictly no entry to those under the age of 18, and the festival will not be able to offer refunds to those refused entry on the day.

Due to health & Safety and as part of our licence the below items are not permitted in El Dorado:

  • Animals
  • Drones
  • Gazebos
  • Glass 
  • Large stereo systems
  • Illegal substances
  • Legal highs
  • Portable laser equipment and pens
  • Unauthorised film or video equipment
  • Audio recorders
  • Air horns
  • Megaphones
  • Fireworks, flares and Chinese or sky lanterns
  • Any item which may reasonably be considered for use as a weapon
  • Gas Canisters
  • Live in vehicles – propane or butane cylinders over 7kg. No more than 1 cylinder per vehicle
  • Nitrous Oxide
  • Petrol Burners
  • Any form of aerosol over 250ml
  • Unauthorised items for trading, including any goods using unauthorised event logos

Any prohibited items that are confiscated are not the responsibility of the organiser and we will not be responsible for returning these to you or any loss of them.

To help ensure your safety and as part of our licence we will be conducting thorough and extensive searches on every individual upon entry to the festival. Anyone found to possess illegal substances will be handed over to the police and will not receive a refund.

Per person, you can bring the following into the campsite:

- EITHER 8 x cans of beer or lager or cider (max 440ml each) or pre-mixed mixer cans (max 250ml each) - OR 1 bottle of wine decanted into a plastic or metal bottle

Please note:

- Searches will be undertaken upon entry to ensure this is complied with

- Any alcohol above this allocation will be confiscated and not returned

- This alcohol may only be consumed within the campsite

- Sealed bottles of water and soft drinks are allowed, but will be checked on entry to the site.

- There will be no limit on soft drinks

- A wide selection of beer, cider, spirits, wine and cocktails will be available in the main arena across the weekend

- Day Ticket holders do not have an alcohol allowance and have no access to the campsite.

If you are a local resident or staying in accommodation offsite during the festival weekend, you will be able to leave the festival and return the next day with a ‘non-camping pass out’ wristband.

You can collect your ‘non-camping pass out’ wristband from all of the different entrance gates at the festival site as you enter or before you leave the site for the first time. You will not be able to re-enter without this wristband and once you have left the site, you will only be able re-enter the festival site on the following day.

All festival goers will be searched every time they enter the site. Please note that your personal alcohol allowance will only be permitted upon your first entry into the campsite. We will allow people to make one journey back to their car to collect their stuff, they must be searched every time and alcohol will only be allowed the first time they go through.

General Info

We recommend you pack for all possible weather outcomes as forecasts can change. Please bring adequate sunscreen and water for when you arrive as there may be queues at peak entry times. Once inside the festival there will be plenty of covered areas and water points around the festival. 

Eastnor Castle Deer Park is in a designated area of outstanding beauty and a site of special scientific interest. We ask that all festival goers help us minimise waste and participate in our recycling initiatives across the weekend ensuring rubbish is disposed of in the ample bins provided and the land is looked after during your stay.  

There are several neighbours very close by including the residents of Eastnor and Ledbury, you may well pass through them on your travels to the site. Please be thoughtful and respectful when travelling in the local area. 

If you feel unwell on site, we have plenty of services, please visit the Medical Tent in the main arena or the campsite office in the campsite if you feel unwell. Alternatively let our security know and they can help you get to the Medical tent.

We have a zero tolerance policy to harassment, aggression or abuse of any kind at El Dorado festival. If you feel this has happened to you while you are here, we want to know as soon as possible. You can head to any of our security staff, bar staff, welfare team or medical team to let them know what has happened and we will take your lead from there. They will have all had a briefing on our welfare policies and escalation processes.   

If you are caught being physically or verbally abusive in any way to our staff or customers, please note it is our policy that you will be evicted from the site. El Dorado is a safe and inclusive space for all and we won’t tolerate anything that prohibits that.


If you have any further questions regarding the festival please refer to our FAQs below. If your query is not answered by our FAQs then please contact us directly.

Please note, that El Dorado is a small team and we will only answer questions that are not already stated in our FAQs.

Contact Directly:

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